This Friday night Planet of Zeus celebrated the release of their fourth album, ‘Loyal to the Pack’, together with a crowd that once again proved its love for the group.

Unfortunately, I only got to see Lionize for a short amount of time, but the impression they made was very positive; Communicative, happy to be playing in Greece, them too with a new release under their belts.

Planet of Zeus came on stage on time, led by Babis, and since the first notes two things became apparent: The band’s great desire to give everything they’ve got, and the – mostly young – crowd’s enthusiasm. They weren’t afraid to play more than a couple of songs from ‘Loyal to the Pack’, although the release is very recent. In my opinion, not only the record represents a welcomed evolution of the Planet sound, but if they insist in songs such as ‘Devil Calls My Name’, they will be the future classics in the set.


As for the show’s highlight, we had to wait until the encore to hear this wolf pack’s most impressive creation, ‘Beast Within’, before ‘Macho Libre’ ending the night.
Until next time!

Romanos Terzis

Photos: Christina Alossi