The makeover planned for the area surrounding the Lycabettus Hill theater in central Athens will focus on highlighting the rocky landscape and the sweeping views of the capital, according to Topio7 architecture and landscape design firm which recently won the competition to undertake the project.

Describing her vision to Kathimerini, Panita Karamanea, one of the company’s three partners, said that “Lycabettus is not just any hill in the capital, it’s not just a green space. It is a place with a mythological and cultural dimension, something very important for its identity.”

The competition was launched last year by the Public Properties Company (ETAD), the Attica Regional Authority and the Culture Ministry with the aim of converting the parking lot and the wider area into an area for walks and recreation as well as redesigning the supporting buildings in order to highlight the aesthetic value of the theater. 

source: kathimerini