Underkill TV recently conducted an interview with Richard Taylor, vocalist ofIRON MAIDEN bassist Steve Harris’s solo/side project BRITISH LION.

Speaking about BRITISH LION’s musical direction, Taylor said: “It’s very difficult to describe your music or whatever, but… The way I write lyrics and melodies is I love melody. And I think with Steve… Steve loves the same or whatever. I think the difference is just that, with MAIDEN, [which] is just an incredible band, and Bruce Dickinson is the most amazing singer ever, but it’s a completely different style to what I do. But when Steve and I get together — Steve loves melody as well — I think it’s just me that takes it in that different direction from the sound. Fundamentally, it’s still rock, and if you see it live, it’s really powerful live.”

Asked if there are any plans for BRITISH LION to record a follow-up album to 2012’s self-titled debut, Taylor said: “Yeah, I think that’s the plan. I write all the time, and when I get together with Steve, we write. There’s so much stuff. It’s [a matter of] fitting it in — obviously, more around Steve, [since] he’s a pretty busy man. But, yeah, that’s the plan.”