Two things are certain in this time and age in the music world: the increasing number of deaths of well-known musicians and all the…superbands/projects of Frontiers Records that make their appearance faster than the speed of light. Maybe it’s the new trend or what this era needs as the album sales have taken a disturbing downward course. The cause of this is multidimensional and surely not for this reviewing space. Resurrection Kings is yet another supergroup that releases its debut album with the blessings of Frontiers Records and under the guiding hand and supervision of Alessandro Del Vecchio.

The band is comprised of such accomplished musicians as Vinny Appice (drums), Craig Goldy (guitar), Sean McNabb (bass) and Chad West (vocals). The album is more or less a tribute to the hard n’ heavy sound of the 80s as its overall mood and climate brings in mind classic albums by Dio and Dokken (just to name a few). There are some defining moments that stand out like “Never Say Goodbye” (an 80s power ballad) or “Fallin’ For You” (a classic Dio-esque tune) and all in all I’d say that this Resurrection Kings debut is positively evaluated although one can’t help but noticing some generic compositions in there.

Highlight: Craig Goldy is the absolute star on the album as his guitar playing shines throughout the duration of the CD. Absolutely amazing!