Rich Kid Express – Psychodelic


So, you wanted some ‘70s swagger didn’t you? There you have it! It might be 50 years old late, but it’s true, faithful to the gospel of KISS, Runaways, Alice Cooper etc.

The band, which is actually a one man’s project, raised some eyebrows with the previous release of the “Bubblegum Radio” EP a while ago, and that was reasonable.

Rob Richardson is the guy who plays everything on the album and he is doing a pretty good job, since the outcome is great. The guitar riffs he layed down sound as if they were coming from Ace Frehley’s axe and the melodies come from the same place as Sweet’s and Joan Jett’s. The grain in his voice gives every song street cred and makes them filthy as they should be. What Richardson lacks in originality he manages to replenish sticking to the goal, the absolute 70’s- 80’s sleaze (the ratio is 70 to 30) album that would make our own Johnny Holiday scream with joy.

In a day and age that we are bombarded every day with new names, bands, videos and releases, that we tend to forget the same day, here’s a bright exception. Most of the songs are as catchy as they supposed to be, while the production also sounds like it’s coming from a previous decade and has nothing to do with all the plastic ones we get lately.

This on too should make it to the “best of the year” lists and be sure that we are keeping an eye on this guy to see what he’s doing next.