PRESS RELEASE: The Greek metal veterans of Rotting Christ are now premiering the second track of their upcoming record ‘The Heretics’. The new offering is slated for release on February 15th, 2019 via Season of Mist. The song ”Heaven and Hell and Fire” is now streaming in the form of a lyric video that you can watch below.

“The Heretics was inspired from quotes and statements from the big so-called “heretics” throughout history. Writers, poets, and people whose ideas helped shape and move humanity forward against the resistance and oppression of their local church and political system(s). In preparation for this album I read a lot before I started writing and realized that the path I have chosen (not only me but perhaps all the black metallers and more) is quite similar to the path chosen by those men who preceded us. So yes, I am a Heretic and I wanted to create an album that illustrates and embodies that”, commented Sakis Tolis in an interview by Loudwire.