They say that you know if it’s gonna be a good day from the early morning. That’s what happened with “Carpe Diem”. From the moment I listened to the first single, which was the title track, I was convinced that it was going to be a great album. To be honest, the song was by far the best first taste of a new Saxon work we’ve heard for ages and the same goes for the rest of the record.

The spirits are high, the band seizes the day with a brilliant album that’s worthy of its history. Now, how many times you’ve read that phrase before? I am sure it was dozens. But, I insist in writing it for bands and artists that manage to do so, as it may seem easy but it’s far from it. In the past they experimented, tried different things, went heavier, prog-ier (sic), or even more hard rock. They were praised, but they were also criticized for albums they released, but they never lost their identity, which once more shines through in this album. And it’s not that they are doing something different, than “Thunderbolt”, or “Battering Ram”, but this one is better.

Saxon are still in their youth in the studio – they remain teenagers on stage- putting their heart, soul and British… balls into it. Every time Paul Quinn’s foot touches the wah-pedal another Saxon classic is born. “The Pilgrimage” it’s the classic mid-tempo Biff and co. trademark. “Remember The Fallen”, is a masterpiece that will be sung out loud soon. “Black Is The Night” changes rhythm and melody, again keeping the tradition.

Honestly, if someone haven’t listened to Saxon before (is this possible?), this album is 100% representative of an immortal band in heavy metal’s frontline for the last 45 years and the next 1,000. And if that person catches them live becomes a fan for life… isn’t that right?