Scarblade – The Cosmic Wrath


Scarblade is a Greek female fronted heavy metal band, founded in Athens in the year 2012 that was formerly named Ruthless Steel. Their debut EP titled “Die In The Night” came out in 2013 and included 4 tracks.

This is the band’s first full album titled “The Cosmic Wrath” packing in seven new songs and two re-recordings from the Ruthless Steel days. The album clocks in around 37 minutes. “The Cosmic Wrath” flows into the traditional Heavy Metal path. Each song has a unique sound, with amazing guitar riffing and melodic choruses created by the guitars. The bass lines and the drums are marching hand in hand and I am sure the guitar solos will leave everyone speechless. Finally, Aliki who is simply amazing on vocals will tell you the story of each song with great passion! Her vocal performance here is just superb!

The production and the mastering of the album was done with great attention to detail! The sound is really clear, allowing the listener to listen to every single detail (for example: pay attention at the background scream on “Power of Hate”).

Scarblade are showing their influences on classic acts such as: Judas Priest, Warlock, Riot and Accept but they make sure to add their own unique signature! This album will please every metalhead and I am sure the band head a great future ahead of them!

Songs to listen to again: Die In The Night, Point Of No Return, Cursed Legion