Schaffer/Barlow Project - Winter Nights

Metal Gods, why…really, why? Honestly, I can’t understand why some artists come up with Christmas albums almost punctually at that time of year. Is it an artistic inner need, nostalgia, festive mood, a chance for a break? I do’t know. What I do know, though, is the fact that it’s a waste of time and money for all those who will invest on those releases. Call me naïve but I didn’t expect to see Schaffer and Barlow reunite for a…Christmas album!

5 traditional Christmas songs + 2 re-recordings of the classic “I Died For You” and “Watching Over Me” complete the set list of “Winter Nights” which is available via the popular kickstarter platform. But you know what really pisses me off? These two Iced Earth re-recordings are damn good and you get chills down your spine when you listen to Barlow’s haunting interpretation as his voice is perfect as always and takes you back to those glorious 90s when Iced Earth reigned supreme. These specific re-recordings might be more polished but they are impeccable and sufficient enough to bring out the most intense sentiments. Needless to say that I wonb;t bother to comment on the dreadful Christmas songs.

Naturally, “Winter Nights” should not be a target for any potential buyer out there but I would sure as hell loved a new studio album by Schaffer and Barlow. Who wouldn’t, after all? Having said that, it’s worth checking out those two new versions.

Highlight: Casey Crillo (Kamelot, Queensryche) plays drums and the ever familiar Jim Morris plays guitar on the album.