Scottsdale police report about Ellefson


Rolling Stone published more details about the famous Ellefson incident from Scottsdale police official report.

“They struck up a friendship and continued chatting through social media. The second time they met in person was in the Netherlands at a hotel lobby to have coffee and a soda. He (Ellefson) believes this was February 2020. He stated there was no physical contact and they just had a conversation. He stated there has never been any sexual physical contact between the two.”

His interactions with the woman didn’t turn sexual until “July or August” of 2020, when they each started to masturbate together over Facebook Messenger. “He stated they had about four to five masturbating encounters. The last online sexual encounter was around February 2021. The girl admitted to Mr. Ellefson that she had recorded two to three videos of him masturbating without his consent or knowledge.”

She admitted sharing the video with some friends but wasn’t sure how it got leaked out to others. She was remorseful and agreed to send out a social media statement on her Instagram account that she had been a willing consenting adult during their mutual virtual sexual encounter.

“Ellefson stated that the girl has not extorted him in any way, so he believes he is not the originator(s) of the social media posts making the allegations.”

When Ellefson issued his original statement on May 10, he included a screenshot of a social media post from the woman involved, who denied any suggestions that she was underage at the time. The woman also revealed she recorded the intimate moments and shared them with a friend without Ellefson’s permission, calling herself “na├»ve” for doing so and claiming that the contact between her and the musician was “all consensual and all online.” She also called assumptions that she was “groomed” by Ellefson “misinformation”.