“Senjutsu” is better than “Book Of Souls”


Iron Maiden published a video from Guillaume Tell Studios in Paris, France from early 2019, featuring Bruce Dickinson, Steve Harris and Kevin Shirley when they were still working on the upcoming studio album “Senjutsu”.

Bruce Dickinson: “it’s been a very very good experience. For me, I think that this is a better album than “Book Of Souls”. Really good. I haven’t heard it all back yet, because I am in the middle of doing it, but the process is being quite quick really. I think it’s more complex than “Book Of Souls”. It’s certainly more varied. And I think there will be a genuine couple of surprises. I think there are going to be at least a couple of songs where people will go “hey? Is that Iron Maiden?”

Kevin Shirley: “I’ve been working with the band for 20 years now and I think that possibly this is the best album we’ve done. People say that all the time, but it really sounds dynamite. Definitely the hardest record I ever done in my life and the songs are very challenging, performances are scarily good and it rocks pretty hard.