Seven Witches – The Way Of The Wicked


Seven Witches returns with their 10th studio album and this is definitely a bombastic comeback for the US power metallers. This is a band that has gone through some harsh times in the past but it has managed to survive, carry on and deliver some really respectable albums throughout its remarkable 16-year career. The band’s mastermind, Jack Frost has decided this time to come up with a more old school bunch of songs with clear references to the 70s classic rock sound that brings in mind bands like Montrose, Foghat and early Whitesnake. Don’t get me wrong though…“The Way Of The Wicked” is a perfect sample of US Power Metal sound and all the aforementioned comparisons have to do mainly with Frost’s guitar sound.

The line-up remains intact (these are the same four guys that were responsible behind the magnificent album “Rebirth”) and the overall result is tight and solid with Anthony Cross’ raspy voice being ideally suitable for the style and the song structure. As for Jack Frost…well, what can I say! This is one of the best guitarists in the heavy metal world as he has a unique talent of blending sharp and maniacal guitar riffs with a very melodic approach!
“Dreams”, “Angel of Salvation” and “Better Days” are definitely the standout moments of “The Way Of The Wicked” and Seven Witches delivers yet an outstanding album. Congratulations!

Highlight: There is available on YouTube the video-clip for the song “Better Days”.