Shattered Skies – Muted Neon


Shattered Skies are a melodic progressive/groove metal band from London. The listening of their new album titled “Muted Neon”, initially appeared to me as a mini challenge, since I mostly enjoy psychedelic – doom – occult sounds. In the end, the album proved to be a revelation (not mini), which has a lot to offer to the average metalhead, covering a wide range of metal frequencies, constituting an even and imposing work. Even if you are not musically covered, having a predilection for more traditional genres of metal/rock or even if at some points their music can be considered (and correctly) as expected or multi-played, the progressive metal of Shattered Skies is objectively exciting! With an emphasis for the majority of the compositions on high speeds, an incredibly tied rhythm section (really “Cracks the sky”!), djent guitar riffs and 70’s progressive synths (sometimes closer to more atmospheric 80’s themes), while the piano accompanies discreetly, we’re dealing with a very interesting album to say the least. “You will know my name” and “Arisen” are representative and incredible songs. Let “Operation Mindcrime” which often buzzed in my head while I was listening to the album, be my witness!