Every single time Sinner hits the studio and comes up with a brand new album, you know exactly what you’re gonna listen to…especially in the last 10 years or so. Mat Sinner has ideally separated his musical endeavors thus when he wants to dive into his teutonic heavy/power side he turns to Primal Fear and when he wants to simply rock out, he does it in style with Sinner. Truth be told here; Sinner is not a musically groundbreaking band…not that Mat Sinner ever had such intention. But all their records display a unique sonic quality that it’s so rare nowadays and you know what…“Brotherhood” is not an exception to this unwritten rule!

For starters, let’s just say that it is highly commendable and remarkable the fact that Mat Sinner faced a serious health issue that forced him to put on hold all his activities with Primal Fear. Being a fan of Sinner’s music I couldn’t help but approaching “Brotherhood” under a different light due to this unfortunate circumstance and I only wish Matt nothing but the best. From a musical standpoint, don’t expect any deviation here. This is a teutonic hard n’ heavy assault or if you like an ideal crossroad where Thin Lizzy meets the melodic side of Judas Priest with slice of classic rock inserted in short yet identifiable quantities. All the KISS fans should definitely listen to the song “Reach Out” as its riff has a lot in common with “Tears Are Falling” while “40 Days 40 Nights” is not only the best cut on the album but one of the best Sinner songs…ever!

All in all, Sinner has delivered the goods once again. This is a record that has every potential of winning over new fans but it will most certainly satisfy the established Sinner fan-community. And that’s really, really important!

Highlight: Ronnie Romero and Ralf Scheepers are two of the special guests on “Brotherhood”.