Sister Sin – Black Lotus


This band has really surprised me. Beyond their incredible live performances (I had the chance to see them live last year), their albums are the one better than the other.
“Black Lotus” is a clear example of a band with a steady development, which deserves the attention of pure metal fans without using any of the offshoots of the hard music.

It’s an incredibly strong album, excellent in terms of composition, very fast and flooding with remarkable energy. It’s consisted of nine great tracks, from which “Food For Worms”, “Au Revoir”, “Desert Queen” and “Count Me Out” (at least those) stand out not only for their freshness and that they can easily stick in your mind but also for the fact that they have all the characteristics a metal track must have, riff, solo etc. Of course the Swede’s power is Liv Jagrell, a female “wild beast” who “swallows”  you in every verse of “Black Lotus” and is the lightning rod of Sister Sin’ personality.

I think that this album is their best so far and the fifth of a series of excellent releases.
We must not forget, at least the Greek readers, that Sister Sin began their discography under … Greek roof.

In my opinion “Black Lotus” is one of the best metal releases of 2014 and deserves everyone’s attention.