It is well established that the whole “revival” of thrash metal helped many classic bands of the scene to start remembering how great they were before. All the new groups who started showing up from every corner of the world made the veterans to become stubborn and start recording albums according to their potential.

Of course something like that doesn’t apply to Sodom, who never had a mediocre period. On contrary, their latest albums showed us a restless band who gave their fans great thrash metal albums like “In War And Pieces” and “Epitome Of Torture” and the same applies to their new 15th record. Things here are very simple and no big analysis is needed. Thrash metal ‘til the end as the German trio knows best. Although I have to say that after many times listening to it, it seems that they made a step backwards compared to their latest works. But that doesn’t mean that this isn’t another good album that will satisfy their fans. Songs like “Rolling Thunder”, “Vaginal Born Evil”, “Blood Lions” and “Sacred Warpath” prove it and I already picture them being played live in my head. Of course I have to mention the beast behind the microphone, Tom Angelripper. Instead of trying to retain his voice, he screams like there is no tomorrow and is vocals could easily fit in a black metal band.

“Decision Day” will be released in CD, Digipak (with bonus track), double vinyl and in an excellent limited edition containing double vinyl, CD, flag, patch, sticker, button, poster and a hand signed autograph card. Great gift for all the collectors. Thrash on!