Soulfly – Archangel


From 2010 onwards, Max Cavalera releases one mediocrity after the other, with the debut by Killer Be Killed being the only exception. Unfortunately, ‘Archangel’ not only doesn’t reverse the situation, it turns out to be one of the Brazilian’s least interesting efforts.
I admit that it is hard for me to understand this hyperactivity, with six records in five years, with Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy and Killer Be Killed, since Cavalera doesn’t need consecutive records to remain in the spotlight.

‘Archangel’s cover is the only thing that doesn’t seem rushed. 36 minutes, lots of filler, no freshness, recycled ideas. The level of the guests that participate in Soulfly records isn’t what it used to be, the once innovative instrumentals are bonus tracks on the special edition. ‘Details’, you might say, but they are indicative of this product’s low quality.

I hope that after ‘Archangel’ Max will take some time off, and come back after 2-3 years with a strong record, so that the fans can get excited once again.