Quite honestly I am saddened to see such qualitative albums passing unnoticed as there is no promotion in sight and and artistic interest to push the album whatsoever. I can’t understand the reasoning but that’s the truth. It’s not only the fact that the new album by the emblematic Krokus frontman, Marc Storace, is being released by an absolutely unknown Swiss label but most importantly the overall aesthetic –from the cover sleeve up to the press release- displays an amateurism which does not justice to the album and definitely is quite insulting for a legendary artist like Marc Storace. Oh well..

But you know what’s the paradox here and makes me even angrier? “Live And Let Live” is a really remarkable and well-crafted record with the 71-year old Mark Storace proving once again that age is insignificant when the heart tells you otherwise. His voice is in great shape and uplifts the Zeppelin-esque / AC/DC-esque compositions. Naturally, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize that Krokus is another band of reference as Storace’s voice reminds all those classic Krokus songs. But the two songs that really grabbed me were the two ballads (“Don’t Wanna Go”, “Time Waits For No One”)…especially the former one with the beautiful piano passages and the sentimental lyrics.

With “Live And Let Live”, I found myself in between two colliding worlds. On the one hand, I am disappointed of how poorly this record was handled by the label but on the other hand, I am totally satisfied by the final result. I sincerely hope that the album will be reissued in the near future with a better packaging and a proper production.

Highlight: Will Marc continue after Krokus’ farewell tour…?