Sunburst is a band from Larissa, Greece and it was formed in 2010 and “Fragments Of Creation” is their debut.

The album contains 10 songs and clocks in at nearly 56 minutes during which it becomes rather obvious that their musical path is Melodic Metal that leads straight to Progressive. Each song is contrasted under a unique way by containing a catchy melodic chorus with great vocal performance while the rest of the song is surrounded by amazing guitar riffing and cool drums patters that move between normal and half timing. Greek Guitar Master Gus Drax gets a chance to show his talent with every single guitar solo.

Songs such as: “Out Of The World”, “Reincarnation” and “Break The Core” shows the listener the technical agility of the band that climaxes with great melodic choruses and guitar solos. The instrumental “Beyond The Darkest Sun” allows Gus to show off part of his talent, as he has so much more to give to his fans! The album closes with the “epic” nearly 13 minute long “Remedy Of My Heart” which to my ears sounded like a summary of the entire album with additional hidden touches such as: orchestration by John K (Biomechanical, The Scintilla Project ), “operetic” vocal performances, backing vocal performances from Mina Giannopoulou and Astrous as well as guitar solos that will leave you speechless.

The album is simply amazing! I have been wondering where this band was all this time! Every song has a unique feeling and once the album finishes you will hit “play” again.