Corrossion Of Conformity shared an incredible story from their latest tour that’s worth checking out:

So occasionally crazy things happen. We were just in Sauget,Illinois, and a couple of dudes complimented us on the show and were making small talk when they pulled out a plastic bag of powder, which turned out to be the ashes of one of the dude’s stepfather, who apparently was a fan. They requested that Gary’s remains come on tour with us. We said that we were honored, but since we didn’t know Gary, that we might not be up to the responsibility of properly dispersing even a portion of his final remains.
Reluctantly they took the bag back, but later threw it in the nose of our trailer, where we discovered it a few days later.
So we put Gary’s ashes in a cup holder up in front of the bus and he rode up there for a couple of thousand miles.
The crew had a few drinks with Gary as well.
With the tour winding down this week, we took Gary to the ocean at Virginia Beach, and watched the tide take his last remains away. Fly on, Gary.
Note: Gary became aware of our music when the family cd player stopped working and instead of going to Best Buy, he bought one at the pawn shop. When he plugged it in there was a cd in it. There was no information on it, just an image of a speaker in an old comic book style of printing.
“What the hell is this?”But upon listening he decide it was pretty good. After listening with no idea what artist was on the cd, eventually he learned that the disc was “Deliverance” by Corrosion Of Conformity.