Testament – Brotherhood Of The Snake


Californians thrashers are back fiercely after an absence of four years. Modern relentless thrash metal and I have the impression that the degree of technical complexity has increased in the compositions, and this is easy to understand when in the lineup super players like DiGiorgio and Gene Hoglan are involved.

Of course, this band has one of the best guitarists of the genre, Mr. Alex Skolnick.
The album starts with the title track and it’s a composition with a riff that sticks in the mind. Then, all hell breaks loose with “The Pale King” and “Stronghold”. Chuck Billy delivers classic and aggressive vocals and I think the speed is relatively a little lower than on older releases from Testament and probably we should talk about a very dark heavy metal album. “Brotherhood Of The Snake” packs in46 minutes of modern thrash heavy sound and is surely an album that is fun to listen to without feeling bored, but also without adding anything new to the genre. Juan Urteaga (Vicious Rumors, Heathen) did a spectacular producing. What impresses me the most about this band is the continuous improvement of their technique which can be noticed on the complexity of the compositions, while their music enables the listener to remember it. Impressive songs: “Brotherhood Of The Snake”, “The Number Game”, “Born In A Rut”.