It’s really pleasing to see new releases coming out from bands that have left their mark on rock music. We can easily say that The Cult is one of the bands who have brought up at least one generation. They distinguished themselves for their differentiation from hair metal which was at its peak during the second half of the 80’s and the first years of the 90’s by imposing their typical sound on a big portion of rock fans.

Their tenth studio album comes out of nowhere as its recording and producing didn’t make the news at any point, and maybe it’s better this way if you want my opinion.

The Cult of 2016 release a good record. The only problem is that, with the exception of three-four songs  they don’t sound like The Cult. Duffy’s riff and solos still dominate, they sound like something new, good but new. That’s not necessarily bad and I don’t know if Astbury and Duffy are working on something different- but Grant Fitzpatrick’s appearance on bass certainly doesn’t influence their sound. The thing is that if you take out “No Love Lost”, “Dance The Night” and “GOAT” from “Hidden City” maybe not even the most knowledgeable fans of the band will understand that it’s an album by The Cult. The above songs are those standing out while Ian Astbury’s influences or rather the remains of his adventure with The Doors make their appearance especially in “Sound And Fury”, a of seven and a half minutes track, which closes the record and is based on the mold of “The End” or “Spanish Caravan”.  

Under no circumstances have the British released an exciting record. That doesn’t scorn their huge contribution to music especially during their first half of their career. “Hidden City” is a good record but that’s as far as it goes.