Mikkey Dee gave an interview on Sweden Rock Magazine where he talked about the future of Motorhead after Lemmy’s passing. When Lemmy died, he said to the press what was obvious, that there is no Motorhead without him. Now, he says that there is a plan of doing a special tribute including “Fast” Eddie Clarke: “Something like that is definitely happening, but when and how I have no idea. All this has to settle first and now is not the right time to do something like that. Personally, I’d like to wait a little until there’s a demand. The fans have been eating hamburgers for 40 years, so then maybe you don’t want to have a hamburger the first year after Lemmy’s death — instead you have to crave that hamburger again. That’s how I look at our music: we have toured for so many years that some time has to pass until people say ‘Fuck, I’d really like to hear some cool Motörhead songs live on stage again.’ Personally, I don’t think it was appropriate that Dio Disciples were out touring six months after Ronnie James Dio’s death. It wasn’t at all appropriate, for several reasons. I want there to be a demand for Motörhead first, then maybe something will happen with me and Phil and maybe Fast Eddie plus two or three other megastars that love Motörhead. If that’s the case, I believe you can do something really great with it, but it’s all about the right place at the right time.”