In a modest and deeply touching ceremony at στο Forest Lawn Memorial Cemetery in Hollywood the rock/metal communitee addressed its last goodbye to Lemmy. First to step up on the pontium was his son, Paul, who concluded: “They say you can’t choose your parents. Well I won the lottery when I got Lemmy … You were perfect, my one and only rock and roll daddy.” Slash, who played a great role in Lemmy’s life in his last year was shuttered, likewise his long time girlfriend Sheryl. Scott Ian made the best comment quoting Lemmy: “Elvis you taught us how to dress, how to look. It was Carl Perkins and Little Richard how to sound. And it was The Beatles who taught us we could to write our own songs” and added : “Lemmy it was you who taught us that we could be fucking real.”

The ceremony watched more than 300.000 people on YouTube, while among those who talked about Lemmy at the pontium were musicians Rob Halford, Lars Ulrich, Robert Trujillo, Mike Inez, Bob Kulick, Dave Grohl, wrestler Triple H, Rainbow’s owner Mike Maglieri while the funeral concluded with a roadie who brought Lemmy’s bass strummed it and placed it against a speaker resulting in a groundshaking feedback.
Though the Forest Lawn ceremony was the major tribute to Lemmy, many of those in attendance were headed to the Rainbow Bar & Grill on Sunset to join the rest of the general public as the tribute to Lemmy carried on into the night, with Metal

Allegiance set to pay homage to Lemmy during their set at the Roxy right next door to the Rainbow.