The new Nervosa album is ready


Speaking with The Metal Voice, Helena Kotina revealed that the new studio album by Nervosa is completed and will be released this fall.

When asked about the new Nervosa studio albums release date

“The whole album is complete. We just released the first video single ‘Endless Ambition’. The album is going to be released after summer around Sept -Oct 2023. Most of the songs I have composed/co-written together with Prika (Amarel). We have a new line-up, a new song / single and we are beginning to tour next week. “

When asked about Prika Amarel taking over the vocal duties

“Prika didn’t even know that she was going to take on the vocals but after all these (Line-up) changes happened she said, I’m going to do it because I don’t want to bring in another vocalist that may fit or may not.”

Watch the entire video below: