In an interview on Talking Metal podcast, Jeff Pezzuti, CEO of Eyeillusion, said that those who judge Dio’s hologram are acting selfishly. “There’s a couple of different things playing at the same time. One is that you’ve got this metal community, or whatever community, speaking out against something that they haven’t seen. That’s one. Two is people that don’t feel like it’s right. And I think that’s kind of a selfish attitude, honestly, because there’s a lot of people that wanna see Ronnie that are younger or that never saw him. Watching it on YouTube is not the same — it’s not the same as seeing a live show. So by doing that, you’re actually not allowing — because you feel it’s not right, or somebody feels it’s not right — you’re not allowing the younger audience or the next generation to be able to experience this music. And the third part is there’s gonna be a period in time when these people, they lose a lot of these… these bands retire and aren’t out there at all. I mean, we all go to live shows and we like it. So what are we gonna do as an alternative? We’re gonna just stop going?” said Pezzuti.

“When I see the negative responses, not to say I don’t pay mind to them — everyone has a right to an opinion — but I always say that usually an opinion is based on something you’ve seen,” he added. “Like if you had a negative opinion and you went to the show, that’s one thing. Looking at it on YouTube is not the same. And people who are actually judging it — and not to say it’s wrong; they can do whatever they want — but people who are judging it based on the overall idea of it, that I think is wrong, because I think you’re looking at it very selfishly”, he added. In the meantime Eyeillusion is working on expanding the hologram set with two new songs, “Neon Knights” and “We Rock”.