If you have a four-piece band where the singer, drummer and bassist quit it’s easier to call it a day, rather than move on. Thundermother leader Filippa Nassil chose the latter replaced all three members and returned with an album that’s pure… T.N.T.!

The Australian’s influence is spread all over the album, as well as the band’s career so far, although there are touches of other classic rock giants here and there. The self-titled third album of the all-female Swedish band is great fun and made for partying hard. Honestly, I don’t find anything wrong with that. The sound may directly refer to the eternal and untamed rock’n’roll of AC/DC but Thundermother’s songs are very good, some of which you will remember after the first spin. The guitars are on fire and new singer’s Guernica (now, that’s a name!) Mancini’s vocals are ideal. Add to that a crystal clear production and you’ve got yourselves one of the most pure and honest releases of the year.

The former members departure couldn’t stay without a comment on “Thundermother” hence “Quitter”, one of the best songs in the album, as well as some more messages for the band’s future that also stand out: “We Fight For Rock’n’Roll”, Follow Your Heart”, “Won’t Back Down”. Girl power!