Thunderstick – Something Wicked This Way Comes


Thunderstick is the alter ego of eccentric drummer Barry Graham Purkis. He appeared in the English rock scene during the mid 70ies and for a short period of time he handled drum duties for Iron Maiden before they even presented an official release. He earned his fame though from his participation in the golden era of Samson, releasing three albums with them. Survivors, Head On and Shock Tactics. His trademark accessory was a full face mask that also added some mystery concerning his identity. He pursued a solo career for a few years before falling into obscurity during the mid 80ies. He reappeared on the twilight of the previous decade and in 2011 he released an anthology containing older recordings while this is his first studio effort in 33 years!

What could we expect from Thunderstick after all these years? The answer is rather simple and obvious from the very first song. Vintage hard n heavy like the style he preferred during his heyday. Time didn’t seem to affect this enigmatic musician. I don’t know if the songs were written in the 80ies or are brand new compositions. The feeling they emit is totally archaic and I was not bothered at all. Without being something original or special, the whole aesthetics point to the British 80ies and the rise of the N.W.O.B.H.M. movement and that is kind of charming. The feisty vocals of Lucie V are very interesting too, totally accordant to the style of the songs.