Treat – Ghost Of Graceland


Τreat and Sweden. Two words that can make you listen to an album immediately – you owe it to yourself to listen to “Ghost of Graceland.” Treat isn’t just a band with a 31-year history, but they have also released a few of the best melodic hard rock albums, period. Treat is a band that you should check out live at least once, since their stage performance will bring you back to the 80’s. They are tight when they play live, even though they did announce a while ago that they might split up. Luckily, the Swedish legends are still active and they have just released a powerful album with many interesting sides.

Let’s start from the beginning of the listening session. The title track reminds me a lot of the “Coup De Grace” album. Τhis new music style suits them perfectly. They stopped recycling their tunes and became evolved in a more modern sound, with an amazing production, that won’t be left unnoticed. On “I Don’t Miss The Misery”, they raise the tempo and the same happens with my heartbeat! It’s a pure hard rock song with the intense influence from bands like Shinedown and others from the nu metal era. So, they have definitely changed their music direction over the last few years and they did the same with the guitar parts of the song, “Better The Devil You Know.”

The tempo slows down with the fourth track of the album, “Do Your Own Stunts,” and the feelings get stronger with this one, written from the heart and soul of the band’s members. After these four emotional minutes, we come to my favorite song of the album, named “Endangered.” This is also the best song to describe the identity of the band and also the catchiest song so far on the album. Now is the time to compare this one with “Coup De Grace” and discuss if the new one is better, or even as good as the old one. My conclusion is that “Coup De Grace” had me from the first second, and unfortunately this one didn’t… That’s OK though, since “Coup De Grace” is one of the best melodic hard rock albums of 2010 and it’s really hard to top it.

On “Inferno” I got a little bored (I guess it’s not really my cup of tea), so I’ll go straight to “Alien Earthlings” which is the song that spoke directly to my heart and mind and that’s why it’s my second favorite of the album so far.

A few minutes before the ballad of the album we are listening to, the three catchiest songs of the album, “Nonstop Madness,” “Too Late to Die Young” and “House on Fire,” which are also a nice mix of Reckless Love and H.E.A.T. songs!

“Together Alone,” the album’s last ballad, is a bit too depressing for my tastes! Fortunately, it’s like the whole album “got” me, and abruptly upped the tempo and closes with “Everything to Everyone,” leaving me with a great sense of satisfaction!