It’s beautiful being a rock legend for almost half a century and keeping on being betwixt tours and studio. It is even more beautiful presenting releases like “Living The Dream”. The legends I describe are Uriah Heep, with the exception of the period between 1998 and 2008 that they abstained from discography.

“Living The Dream” is a relief (for me at least) after the mediocre “Outsider” four years ago, which has raised some concerns about the future of the arrangements of Box and Lanzon’s, of which they belong nine of ten arrangements of the album. The concerns disappear, as after the extraordinary “Crazed By Heaven” which opens the album and is composed by Dave Rimmer and Jeff Scott Soto, “Take Away My Soul” that follows could easily grace a Uriah Heep best off album as well as “Knocking At My Door,” “Goodbye To Innocence,” and “Falling Under Your Spell,” which apart from being very good tracks, are evidence that the British warhorses have still plenty of inspiration and creativity.

I think that regarding its sound “Living The Dream” is a typical Uriah Heep album, an excellent album of their discography regarding the quality of the songs, and with good chances to become classic even it’s their twenty-fifth! Personally, I look forward to seeing them again live in February, even they don’t bring tons of scenes on their tours any more.