The Finnish are turning into a phenomenon. This is the only way I can describe their constant progress not only in popularity but also in the quality they have as musicians and that reflects both in their record releases and in their performances on stage.

“War Is Over” is their seventh creation and personally I consider it to be their best so far. It consists of ten compositions, all of them great, in a progressive rock/metal (more rock) background which gives the impression of a “meeting” among Genesis, Marillion, and Pain Of Salvation. What do I mean by that? Sounds by Genesis, melodies and sentiment of Marillion, structures and blow ups of Pain of Salvation. I don’t imply that Von Hertzen Brothers are a clone of all the above, on the contrary, I believe that they have their own personal style and I think that “War Is Over” is a promise for many big things to come. A really great album with a duration of one hour which makes you discover new things every time you listen to it.

I would like to single out the opening of the album with the title track and the closing with the masterpiece, eight-minute plus, “Beyond The Storm”. When the first and the last listening of a record create such great feelings as this one, then we are talking about something really great. “War Is Over” deserves the attention of all the friends of rock music and especially of progressive rock.