Warlord announced that they signed with Frontiers Records and that they are ready to release a new album in 2018. “After all of these years, Warlord is with a ‘real label”, Says Zonder. “It will be great to have Warlord music shared with a worldwide audience, which is something that has been missing for many years. With my prior working experiences with Frontiers, I know Warlord is in the right place and I am very appreciative of this great opportunity. We thank everyone at the label for their belief in Warlord!” he continues. As for the new album he comments: “This Warlord release will be like all of the previous ones — 100% Warlord. No changing of direction to keep up with the current fad, just good ol’-school Warlord music. Maybe leaning back a touch to the early days and we promise a high-energy album that features the classic Bill Tsamis compositions and his classic guitar melody lines. As I always try to do, I’ll give it my all in tandem with my favorite bass player Philip Bynoe, working together to create a solid foundation. This will be the first studio recording with Nicholas Leptos on vocals. We have performed live with him several times and are eagerly awaiting to capture his dynamic performances on tape. A classic Warlord album in the making…”