Watch Keep It True via live stream


This year’s Keep It True Festival, which kicked off last night Wednesday April 19th, will be streamed live via YouTube for free.

Here’s the official announcement: “We are happy to announce that the festival will be streamed live professionally like on the two KIT RISING shows in Würzburg for free on our Official Youtube Channel. We are waiting for one band to confirm, but all other bands incl. SODOM and CIRITH UNGOL will be streamed live. This is a huge effort for us and actually not cheap, so if you like the stream at home, please feel free to donate on the link that will be shown on the youtube link, it will help us a lot. Also please subscribe for our channel to help us spread the word of Underground Metal.

For Thursday there will also be day tickets available at the doors, All other days are sold out. Tickets for 2024 and for KIT RISING 3 will be available from Thursday on (Warm Up already at the Warm Up venue) without the usual Presale fees for 129 Euro each (Warm Up 29 Euros) at the Cashless Booth.

Follow the link: