Whitesnake – Flesh & Blood


Oh yes, Coverdale did it! Whitesnake’s new album sounds better than “Forevermore”. Forget the needless “Purple Album” because here lies the flesh and blood of the mighty snakes bring back the vibers of “1987” and “Slip Of The Tongue” in a great album.

What’s more important is the right managing of the great performer’s voice which takes place on the best part of the album. There might be some screams that could have been absent. But, where this albums gains points is on “Always & Forever”, “When I Think Of You (Colour Me Blue)”, “Heart Of Stone”, “Sands Of Time”. These are songs that stick to the brain and have what it takes to be considered classic Whitesnake. It’s really puzzling why “Shut Up & Kiss Me” was chosen as the first single and video with the legendary Jag!
The work on guitars is simply amazing with Reb Beach and Joel Hoekstra kicking ass. Probably, the first’s contribution on the songs –for the first time, as he said himself- has something to do with the level of the quality, which is high. I must say that the slide guitar on “Good To See You Again” brought in mind “Come Taste The Band” from Purple. However, the exemption are “Get Up” and “Well I Never”, which are exactly what you’d call fillers. I don’t understand why the album should have 13 tracks. Cut off the fat and stay with the juice Cov!  By the way, the bonus track on the deluxe edition, “Can’t Do Right For Doing Wrong”, is much better than these two.

What’s most important is that Whitesnake release another great album and Coverdale seems to be in good shape, all things considered, keeping the bar sky high. It’s not easy to keep releasing good albums and not many bands do that. “Flesh & Blood” is worthy of the band’s history and glorious past paving the way for the present and future.