Wicked Sensation – Adrenaline Rush


Wicked Sensation is one of those outfits that might have not reached a high level of popularity but is still extremely respected among the fans of the melodic rock genre. Their three previous albums consist of wonderful moments that remind of the good old days of hard rock music. As a matter of fact, I vividly remember that there were lots of online magazines that have put Wicked Sensation’s debut album “Reflected” on the top spot of the albums of the year back in 2001.

So, when “Adrenaline Rush” fell on my hands I was really curious to see where Wicked Sensation musically stood in 2014 as it has been four years since their last studio offering. My initial surprise when I slipped the CD on my CD player was that the band’s singer Robert Soeterboek didn’t sing on the album. His replacement was none other than ex-Accept and Bangalore Choir frontman, David Reece who has done a splendid job and proved to be an ideal replacement for Soeterboek.
The second (and biggest) surprise came when I listened to the songs! Trust me when I am saying that “Adrenaline Rush” is by far the best Wicked Sensation album and the bunch of songs that were selected by the German band is superb! Songs like “Same Old Situation”, “Leave Me Like A Fool” and “Living On My Memories” bring in mind the late 80s…just imagine something in between Van Halen, Tesla and Dokken!
All in all, I sincerely hope that this album will reach the melodic rock masses…it is definitely one of the best hard rock albums of 2014.
Highlight: Not relevant at all but Lynch Mob’s “Wicked Sensation” is my favorite record by George Lynch’s band of the early 90s.