It was a lovely, warm afternoon at Soundflakes Studios yesterday, when we had the chance to listen to the third album by 4Bitten, “Rewind & Erase”, which is out on June 12th from Leaders Records.

On the album’s 11 tracks the band seems that has progressed and evolved, comparing to its two previous albums. There are no ballads here, neither a sign of a slow, or even medium tempo. From “Die In Vain” which opens the album, to “Comfort Zone” which concludes it 4Bitten deliver a fresh, American flavoured album, armed with deadly guitar riffs, a killer vocal performance, devastating speed, great production and powerful grooves that will definitely will make some heads bang. If we could come up with a couple of conclusions from that first listen is that the band worked a lot for this album, and you can hear that! More about “Rewind & Erase” soon, meanwhile check out the first official music video of the band for “Save My Soul”.