German metal label Noise Records has been relaunched by BMG, reports Founded by Karl-Ulrich Walterbach in 1983, the label was an important supporter of European heavy rock acts throughout the ’80s and ’90s, helping to popularize the thrash, speed and power metal subgenres. Key acts among its roster included Grave Digger, Hellhammer (who became Celtic Frost), Kreator, Running Wild, Gamma Ray, Kamelot, Tankard and Helloween, whose second and third albums Keeper Of The Seven Keys: Part 1 and Part II achieved worldwide success in the late ’80s. The new Kamelot compilation Where I Reign: Very Best Of The Noise Years has been released and is now available via Amazon Germany and iTunes.
CD 1
“Black Tower”
“Call Of The Sea”
“The Gleeman”
“Rise Again”
“Where I Reign”
CD 2
“The Fourth Legacy”
“Desert Reign”
“Nights of Arabia”
“Until Kingdom Come”
“We Three Kings”
“We Are Not Seperate”
“Wings of Despair”
“The Spell”
“Center of the Universe”
“The Edge of Paradise”
“Descent of the Archangel”
“III Ways to Epica