Jay Jay French

In a recent interview with The Chuck Shute Podcast”, Jay Jay French revealed that a Twisted Sister reunion might not be impossible after all.

“Look, I used to say ‘never.’ I’ll never say never,” Jay Jay said. “But, we have never discussed it. We used to say it would never happen. I will no longer say that”.

“We came back in 2003 for, basically, a two-year reunion which lasted 14 years,” he continued.  “It lasted longer than the original band lasted with A.J.  It was an incredible ride, and when we walked offstage, I personally just said, ‘That’s it for me.’ But who knows?”

When he was asked if he misses playing live Jay Jay said: “No. I don’t even play around my house. I’ve got guitars everywhere, ’cause my wife said, ‘You’ve gotta keep practicing.’ I can go months without picking up a guitar. And I have ’em all over the house.”