Niclas Müller-Hansen of recently conducted an interview

with vocalist Roger Miret of New York hardcore legends AGNOSTIC FRONT. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. Ever thought of writing a book?

Roger: Funny you ask. I’m almost done. I started a book in 1996 and I lost it twice. I got bugs in the computer and lost it. I restarted it in 2007, because I kept some of the main files. Jon Wiederhorn, who wrote Scott Ian’s [ANTHRAX] book and Al Jourgensen’s [MINISTRY] book, he and I are friends and he contacted me about four years ago about helping me finish the book, but I really wanted to do it on my own. Then, about a year ago, he said, “Roger, let me help you with this book.” and I said, “All right, Jon. I have too much shit going on.” I gave him everything I had and we’ve been doing massive interviews and we’re almost done with it. We just gotta find a home for it. It’s pretty much my story from Cuba to being in a band.