Albert Bouchard releases his version of “Imaginos”


Albert Bouchard, a founding member of Blue Oyster Cult, will release “Re-Imaginos”, his own version of the songs released by Blue Oyster Cult in 1988, on November 6 from Deko Entertainment. The whole concept was intended for the drummer’s solo album, however, was eventually released by the band. According to Bouchard, the recordings from his former band were very different from what he and Sandy Pearlman had in mind.

Here’s what Albert said on the album’s E.P.K., which you can watch below: “Imaginos is a story that Sandy Pearlman and me in the first couple of months that we… we were all sitting around telling a story of these alien species that they could change shape and came to Earth and started messing around with humanity. As far as I know, that’s how it started. It grew into a multiverse which started in the early ’80s and extended into the future.

People don’t realize that “Imaginos” originally was going to be my solo record. It was supposed to be a concept piece were all fall together and tell the story. What I was most proud of was that I was able to take all these songs and make them into one album. While we were recording these songs I listened a lot to the Blue Oyster Cult versions, how Eric sung the songs and how Don sung the songs and I wasn’t in the band and I tried to sing them and they never sounded right to me. I had to look realistically at my voice and my capabilities and try to make the songs fit me, rather than me fitting the songs. That was one of the first things that I said, that I wanted to re-do “Imaginos”.

One of the things that surprised me was that the ideas that Sandy had, like for instance how he thought that “Astronomy” should go. During the recording of “Imaginos” we had this crazy idea of how to start “Astronomy” streamly sparce, kind like cinematic kind of a look, or sound.

The proof will be when people hear it, they’d think “wow, this is really different” and I can’t get full credit for this. This is Sandy Pearlman’s idea to do this. So, I am very excited to see what people are thinking about it.

I incorporated a lot of the things that i did in “Imaginos” version… it’s more unique now”.

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