Ammunition – Ammunition


Ammunition unleashes its sophomore effort; the band led by none other than Age Sten Nilsen (Wig Wam) & Erik Martensson (Eclipse) has come with yet another masterpiece. I am certain that all the melodic rock fans around the globe have sung praises for Ammunition’s debut that hit the shelves in 2015. Naturally, the expectations were high for the follow-up and the big question was…were those expectations met? Of course, they were! Plain and simple. I said it before and I’ll say it once again. Scandinavia has the magic touch when it comes down to music and Ammunition is not an exception to the rule!

Anthemic tracks, modern sound that shows respect to the 80s roots and a much-envied performance in the studio, Ammunition has no problem whatsoever to make a winning move on the hard rock chess board of 2018! Nilsen’s outstanding vocals accompanied by Martensson’s unbelievable compositional (and not only) skills, makes an explosive recipe for a perfect second album by Ammunition.

All in all, Ammunitions proves once again the qualitative sonic DNA of Scandinavian bands. The self-titled effort is by far one of the best albums of 2018 especially when it openly flirts with the sound of Eclipse which is of course something to be expected. Fans of H.E.A.T, Eclipse and Crazy Lixx should have already stopped reading and ordered Ammunition’s new album!

Highlight: I still remember the band’s bombastic performance of “Wrecking Crew” for the Norwegian Eurovision Song Contest last year! Check out the video on YouTube…