Given the opportunity of Anthrax’s new video “Monster At The End” the band slams YouTube and the modern music industry model. The band’s drummer, Charlie Benante, accuses YouTube that doesn’t pay artists enough for their music. “The business model has changed completely – the floor has dropped out. There really is no other way of marketing your record like the old school way. Now you have to think of other ways to reach people” said Benante to Fangoria. “The problem with YouTube is it’s based on, how do I put this, basically stealing. YouTube is taking things that already existed and not paying for it, yet profiting from it. I remember the days of early rap and they could throw as many samples of as many songs as they wanted to and no one stopped it until someone said, ‘Wait a minute. I’m not getting paid for the song that I created and you built a song around.’ They stopped it. Now, the same thing that happened with that needs to happen with this. It needs to be policed and it needs to be stopped.”

Check out “Monster At The End” below…