Battle Beast released a new lyric video for the song “The Golden Horde” from their recent fifth album “No More Hollywood Endings”. Bassist Eero Sipila told Australia’s Heavy about “No More Hollywood Endings”: “It’s very hard to think that this is already our fifth record. For me, it feels like we have just started and then it feels like we have always done this. As a teenager, I always thought that I would be in a band that would record forever and we would do 20 albums and tour for 40 years, but for me now that is hard to think about because it is such a big number… You just have to write a new album every two years. In our band, there are so many different musical inspirations — we have pop-rock, we have power metal — everybody has different musical inspirations, and we don’t want to cut any of those out; we want them all to exist and I think that is what lets our sound evolve and let the sons come together naturally.”