Beast In Black -Berserker


I can’t remember when was the last time that I was so anxious about the release of an album. I am a huge admirer of Anton Kabanen’s compositional skills and “Berserker” is his first sonic effort after his departure from Battle Beast. His new band, Beast in Black, is sometimes viewed as the polar opposite of his old band but our suggestion is to approach them as something completely new yet at the same time something…old! Confused? No need to be! Read below and you will get the answer…

“Berserker” blew our minds and hit us with the most blasting results right from the first listening experience. Anton has written some of his most memorable riffs and songs and the album can be seen as the natural succession of “Unholy Savior” as it is stylistically really close to the third Battle Beast album. It is symphonic, pompous, anthemic and catchy as hell…in one word, it’s PHENOMENAL! The songs are extremely crafted and well-worked in a crystal clear production and our very own Yiannis Papadopoulos is flawless behind the mic and he has absolutely any problem whatsoever in reaching even the most demanding note. Having said that, I truly believe that he will be even better in the second Beast in Black record…just an instinct of mine.

“Crazy, Mad, Insane” is the bastard son of “Touch In The Night”, “Blood of a Lion” is a true anthem with a chorus that sticks in your mind and cannot let yourself get rid of it, “The Fifth Angel” has a stomping groove while “End Of The World” makes the adrenaline rush through your veins and all you wanna do is headbang over and over again to the song!

Anton Kabanen is back and he sends his own message. I think that it is a resounding one…

Highlight: 4th album by Battle Beast, or 1st by Beast In Black? You answer this!