BLUE ŐYSTER CULT: Eric Bloom’s inspiration on the new album


Talking with Rock And Roll Garage, Eric Bloom gave an insight on Blue Őyster Cult’s much anticipated new album, “The Symbol Remains”.

“One song on the new BOC album, ‘The Symbol Remains’ due in October 2020, has its roots in my love for the original horror movies, I.e. Dracula, Wolfman, etc. I mused, what if a vampire wanted to end it all? Why? On a flight on our way to a show last Fall (‘19) I got the concept in my head and started scribbling lyrics on note paper which was the genesis for ‘Tainted Blood’, co-written with Richie Castellano.”

“As far as science fiction, I also was influenced by ‘Invasion’ movies for my concept for ‘Stand and Fight’. But I wanted to keep the lyric open-ended so it could fit many interpretations. Richie also co-wrote.”
Talking about science fiction. Even being a fan of the genre have you ever thought that something like the Covid-19 pandemic would happen? It inspired something on the new album?

“As far as Covid, it landed right in the middle of recording and changed the way we recorded our sessions, with everyone working from home via internet instead of in the studio.”