Dark Millennium – Ashore The Celestial Burden


It is never too late to discover well-hidden jewels from the past, no matter how many years have passed. So did Century Media and took the rights of Dark Millennium, a doom/death metal band from Germany. They were active from 1989 until 1993 and in this short time they released 2 demos 2 demos (“The Apocryphal Wisdom” – 1991 and “Of Sceptre Their Ashes May Be” – 1992) and 2 albums (“Ashore The Celestial Burden” – 1992 και “Diana Read Peace” – 1993) before disbanding. Their members don’t play in any other bands nor have they been reunited. So, Century Media re-released their 2 albums and also their 2 demos in one album under the title “Out Of The Past”. They have an unusual style of music, which someone could say it is doom/death metal on its basis but with many progressive influences. Their music is not easy listening, there are a lot of different elements in there that make the final product a lot diverse. Some songs are fast, some are slow, others more atmospheric. You can find songs that last 3 minutes and others that last 8. If someone listens to them, he will take some time to understand what they are trying to express. Dark Millennium is a very good example for bands that could do a great career, but never did. Give them a shot. They might impress you more than you think.