Dark Nova – Dark Nova

It might took as a while to present the new Dark Nova record but as the saying goes…better late than ever! The truth is that we listened to it only a few days ago and it would really be a shame if we didn’t write a few words about it. After all, Dark Nova was and still is one of the top power/prog bands in Greece. Personally, I’d prefer to see a more constant and steady Dark Nova presence when it comes down to releasing studio albums (their last studio album called “Sivilla” was released back in 2005). But, it’s better to find yourself in the studio when you have something substantial and remarkable to offer than to record an album just for the sake of it.

If I had to use simply one word for the band’s fourth, self-titled record that would definitely be: imposing! It takes you down to a wonderful journey with its mesmerizing compositions, the well-crafted production, the ever melodic guitar of Elias Koskoris, the accompanying yet absolutely fitting keyboards of Mary Tassouli, the unique voice of Manos Fatsis but above all…I repeat, it is imposing because the songs themselves are superb! Especially, when you listen to such gems as “I’ll Be Forever” and King of Lives” it’s almost impossible not to push the “repeat” button on your CD player.

I strongly believe that “Dark Nova” (the album) is just a small step below of the monumental debut “Dark Rhapsodies”…and mind you, that’s a very flattering comment!

Highlight: When the music is accompanied by an equally spectacular cover sleeve then the overall package is complete. Well done, guys!


Dark Nova