Phil Campbell revealed to Saskatoon StarPhoenix that Def Leppard are working on new music. “The one thing I can’t say is when it’s coming out. We’re certainly working on new music, and it’ll certainly be next year we’ll be working on it 100 percent, but I don’t know when it’ll be complete. With Def Leppard, that’s always a dangerous prediction.” He added: “There’s some new songs being kicked around. I don’t know when it is we’ll actually get around to getting the five of us in the same place to record it — I assume that would be sometime early next year — and I don’t know what it’s going to be, if we’re just going to aim for doing a couple of songs or a full album … there’s always something on the go. Everyone in the band is a writer; everyone has ideas going. It’s just a question of when we collectively focus on trying to make that commitment to get together to make a record, and that’ll definitely be sometime next year.”