Delain – Moonbathers


Another band, coming from a “tough” music area but from the right country (Holland), is working their way up to reach their highest point.

Yes, the Dutch started their career having a strong asset, their friendly relationship with Within Temptation which helped them to a certain degree. Further than that, Delain have proved that they have the makings for a decent career at least in a field that, as I mentioned before is really tough especially when it comes to promote a band. And believe me I am in a position to know with great certainty that the lobbies and the cliques in Delain’s field are inaccessible for lots of capable bands.

“Moonbathers” has every reason to get a good grade. It has eleven pieces, all of them are more than good and have a unique directness something that maybe constitutes the band’s secret. “Hands of Gold” (with the participation of Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy), “Suckerpunch”, “Fire With Fire” and the magnificent cover of Queen’s “Scandal” are enough to persuade and to “wear out” the c.ds or any other format you choose to buy. It’s been a long time since I last heard a release with so many good songs that I didn’t want to omit any of them while listening to it.

With “Moonbathers”, Delain consolidate themselves even more and are setting sail to set in as a band of their kind. (Now what’s the name of their kind…..that’s another issue..) I strongly recommend this purchase!!!