The lineup of “Download Pilot”, the small-scale version of the famous festival which will be part of research on the spread of coronavirus, will be announced tomorrow, Friday May 28th.

The festival will last for three days and will be held in Donnington Park in front of 10 thousand spectators – it is noted that 80 thousand people usually watch it daily. There will be no possibility for one-day tickets as the spectators who will watch it will have to camp at the venue for the three days.

Obviously, this is the safety valve for the non-dissemination of Covid-19 by the spectators, who are not obliged to wear masks, or to obay to social distance measures in the festival area, but when entering they will have to present proof negative test and be re-tested every day of the festival.

The Download Pilot is being run under the auspices of the British government as part of an investigation into the risk of the coronavirus spreading to concerts and other mass gatherings and looking for ways for audiences to watch shows safely.

Until June 3, only the ticket holders of the regular festival will have the right to buy a ticket. If there are more tickets then they will only be made available to the public.